Lakewood Police Dept in Lakewood Colorado

  • Dept Phone: (303) 987-7111
  • Police Department Address: 445 SOUTH ALLISON PARKWAY
  • City: Lakewood,
  • ZIP: 802263106
  • County: JEFFERSON
  • Office Opened: 1970
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • GPS Coordinates:39.708291,-105.085771
  • Web Link: Lakewood Police Dept Web Site

  • Lakewood Police Dept The department has undertaken a major change in how it operates that emphasizes patrol agents getting to know the community. Called sector-based policing, the new way of operating assigns agents to a specific area of Lakewood on a long-term basis.The goal is to create a better partnership between the police and the residents. "Creating a safe community is not an easy task. The police alone cannot do it," said Lakewood Police Chief Ron Burns. "Sector-based policing will create a better understanding of the problems within our community and provide the opportunity for the police and our citizens to join forces to make our neighborhoods safe and more livable."

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