Whittier Police Dept in Whittier Alaska

  • Dept Phone: (907) 472-2340
  • Police Department Address: POST OFFICE BOX 687
  • City: Whittier,
  • ZIP: 996930687
  • Office Opened: 1976
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Whittier Police Dept Web Site

  • Whittier Police Dept The Whittier Police Departments responsibility is the protection of life and property. Further, their responsibilities include the enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the City of Whittier, the State of Alaska and the United States of America and the prevention and suppression of criminal and/or hazardous activity. A secondary, but no less important, responsibility of the Department is the delivery of services to the citizens of Whittier and the Whittier area that enhance the quality of life, instill a feeling of safety and security, and insure the safety of all of the citizens and visitors to the city of Whittier.