Dumas Police Dept in Dumas Arkansas

  • Dept Phone: (870) 382-5511
  • Police Department Address: P.O. BOX 157
  • City: Dumas,
  • ZIP: 716392226
  • County: DESHA
  • Office Opened: 1904
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Dumas Police Dept Web Site

  • Dumas Police Dept This police department is located in the Dumas Municipal complex.

    The average DUMAS deputy officer commitment is to reduce crime and ensure public safety. When you see DUMAS officer uniforms you can be assured that we looking out for the interests of our community. The law enforcement officers DUMAS are among some of the most committed public servants in ours state. The DUMAS chief officer is committed to ensuring that this communities police force is on the lookout for crime. If you are interested in becoming a officer DUMAS then contact the Dumas Police Department.