Grover Beach Police Dept in Grover Beach California

  • Dept Phone: (805) 473-4511
  • Police Department Address: PO BOX 365
  • City: Grover Beach,
  • ZIP: 93483
  • Office Opened: ?
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Grover Beach Police Dept Web Site

  • Grover Beach Police Dept We, as members of the Grover Beach Police Department, are dedicated to providing the best public safety service which reflects our community's superior quality of life. We are focused on cooperative efforts involving the individual citizen, their neighborhood, and Department members. This is a reflection of our community's endeavor to sustain a sense of safety and security. OUR MISSION ... We serve to contribute to a wholesome community environment in which individuals may work, play, prosper, raise families, and otherwise pursue their legitimate goals without fear of criminal or civil disorder.