Hillsborough Police Dept in Hillsborough California

  • Dept Phone: (650) 375-7470
  • Police Department Address: 1600 FLORIDBUNDA AVENUE
  • City: Hillsborough,
  • ZIP: 94010
  • County: SAN MATEO
  • Office Opened: 1910
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Hillsborough Police Dept Web Site

  • Hillsborough Police Dept Hillsborough is a unique community benefiting from many of the world's cultures. The Police Department demonstrates a unique ability to give specialized service while at the same time being totally committed to law enforcement. Hillsborough Police personnel take great pride in their ability to protect and serve the Town of Hillsborough while respecting its citizens' privacy and dignity with minimal intrusion. With the understanding that Hillsborough is a strictly residential community, the Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the function and safety of necessary, lawful commercial and charitable enterprises required by the residents. The Hillsborough Police Department values the contributions and commitments of its employees.