Millsboro Police Dept in Millsboro Delaware

  • Dept Phone: (302) 934-8174
  • Police Department Address: P O BOX 1773
  • City: Millsboro,
  • ZIP: 19966
  • County: SUSSEX
  • Office Opened: ?
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Millsboro Police Dept Web Site

  • Millsboro Police Dept The mission of the Millsboro Police Department is to improve the quality of life throughout the Town of Millsboro by striving to provide a secure community environment through the delivery of police services in an efficient manner. To accomplish this mission, there must be a joint effort of cooperation and understanding between the police and residents of the Town of Millsboro. The cornerstone of this undertaking between the police and the community is mutual respect and trust. Every effort must be made, and no opportunity overlooked, to fortify this police community bond. Each officer will strive to ensure that all citizens view the Millsboro Police Department as an essential part of the community, and not as an organization outside or estranged from it. A good relationship with the community is the sum total of positive interaction between police officers in the performance of their duties and individual members of the community. A citizen's perception of the department is largely impacted, if not completely determined by, the attitudes and performance of its officers. Therefore, the fundamental philosophy of the department is to incorporate and maintain a community oriented police department which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of the Town of Millsboro.