Selbyville Police Dept in Selbyville Delaware

  • Dept Phone: (302) 436-5085
  • Police Department Address: #68 W. CHURCH ST., PO BOX 106
  • City: Selbyville,
  • ZIP: 19975
  • County: SUSSEX
  • Office Opened: 1933
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Selbyville Police Dept Web Site

  • Selbyville Police Dept The Selbyville Police Department is sponsoring the “Hmla-169 Vipers”, Marine Corp. Aviation Unit for Christmas. The unit is currently deployed to Iraq, and hopes to be returning to us by next summer. One of our local residents is assigned to the unit and the request was brought to our attention by his mother. The Department has always been committed to serving our community, or in this case, our extended community. The unit consists of 36 men and 4 women. Several of the unit’s members have no family here in the States, and we hope to bring a little warmth and happiness to them this holiday season. The warmth is especially important with the coming of the Iraq winter. The unit’s camp currently only has a gym and computer room for recreation.