Kane County Sheriff Department in Geneva Illinois

  • Dept Phone: (630) 232-6840
  • Police Department Address:
  • City: Geneva,
  • ZIP: 0
  • County: KANE
  • Office Opened: ?
  • Department Type: Sheriff's Department
  • Web Link: Kane County Sheriff Department Web Site

  • Kane County Sheriff Department Recognizing that law enforcement can only be as effective as the degree of trust society places upon those wearing the "badge"; and that the true test of law enforcement efficiency is the absence of crime rather than the visible efforts of police in combating it; and that in carrying out their inherent sworn duties, Sheriff's Department members may be called upon to make many personal sacrifices; including perhaps the ultimate sacrifice; the Kane County Sheriff's Department declares this to be it's mission and the mission of each and every one of its members. Policy It is the policy of the Kane County Sheriff's Department to constantly strive to meet the noblest expectations of the citizens we serve and the obligations of the laws we have sworn to uphold. To this end, the following mission statement is adopted. The achievement of this mission is the responsibility of each and every member of this Office.