Pittsboro Police Dept in Pittsboro Indiana

  • Dept Phone: (317) 892-3329
  • Police Department Address: P O BOX 185
  • City: Pittsboro,
  • ZIP: 46167
  • County: HENDRICKS
  • Office Opened: 1938
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Pittsboro Police Dept Web Site

  • Pittsboro Police Dept The Pittsboro Police Department is established under the Indiana State town marshal system. The town council appoints a town marshal and deputy marshals serve under the marshal. The police department is responsible for investigating crimes, patrolling town streets, traffic control, public safety, and crime prevention. There are currently five full-time police officer positions and several reserve police officers. The police department utilizes six fully equipped and modern police cars. The police department has offices in the back of town hall.