North Wilkesboro Police Dept in North Wilkesboro North Carolina

  • Dept Phone: (336) 838-3158
  • Police Department Address:
  • City: North Wilkesboro,
  • ZIP: 0
  • County: WILKES
  • Office Opened: ?
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: North Wilkesboro Police Dept Web Site

  • North Wilkesboro Police Dept The North Wilkesboro Police Department is a very community oriented police department. We cater to the needs of the general public through many different aspects of each division. Currently our department is broken down into nine different divisions with each one specializing in certain areas as well as working closely with other divisions. We strive to fulfill every need and feasible request for the citizens of North Wilkesboro. One of our main goals is to establish and maintain a good rapport with every citizen, especially the children which we feel over a period of time will make North Wilkesboro a better place to live and visit. The North Wilkesboro Police Department currently employs 24 fulltime sworn officers along with 2 non-sworn officers assigned to Communications and 14 sworn part time officers.