Goose Creek Police Dept in Goose Creek South Carolina

  • Dept Phone: (843) 863-5200
  • Police Department Address: P.O. DRAWER 1768
  • City: Goose Creek,
  • ZIP: 294451768
  • County: BERKELEY
  • Office Opened: 1961
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Goose Creek Police Dept Web Site

  • Goose Creek Police Dept As the enforcement arm of the City government, the Goose Creek Police Department seeks to serve the needs of its people, businesses and community institutions for a safe, secure and orderly environment by maintaining law and order, preserving the peace and interceding to bring lawbreakers to justice. The police department fulfills its mission by ensuring that the highest quality of service is provided at all times and in every instance, and by the demonstrated commitment of police leadership to serve the staff and their families through the promotion of positive character qualities.