Clute Police Dept in Clute Texas

  • Dept Phone: (979) 265-6194
  • Police Department Address: P.O. BOX 997
  • City: Clute,
  • ZIP: 77531
  • County: BRAZORIA
  • Office Opened: 1952
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Clute Police Dept Web Site

  • Clute Police Dept The City of Clute, Texas is located approximately fifty miles south of Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast. It is unique in that, as the true Hub of Brazosport, its official population of slightly more than 10,400 grows to more than 20,000 on weekdays because of the area's petrochemical industries. A conservative estimate of through traffic on weekends during the summer months approaches 50,000 or more thanks to our proximity to beaches and the Gulf of Mexico. The Clute Police Department is charged with the responsibility of providing law enforcement for the community. The Department is headed by the Chief of Police who is responsible to the City Council. All applicable State Laws and City Ordinances are within the enforcement range of the Department and fair and equitable enforcement is a basic tenet of the Department's philosophy.