Converse Police Dept in Converse Texas

  • Dept Phone: (210) 658-2322
  • Police Department Address: P. O. BOX 36
  • City: Converse,
  • ZIP: 78109
  • County: BEXAR
  • Office Opened: 1972
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • Web Link: Converse Police Dept Web Site

  • Converse Police Dept The Converse Police Department (CPD) is organized into detective and patrol departments, consisting of twenty-three officers, two civilians and a part time employee. This number boasts a community relation's officer who interacts closely with the community and serves as a highly visible liaison between the citizens and the police. Our police department provides twenty-four hour emergency and non-emergency services. Patrol officers work 10-hour shifts and are supervised by a Sergeant. Through a mutually beneficial contract, all calls for service to include 911 call are dispatched by the Live Oak Police Dispatch Center. Total calls for service in 2005 were 9,312. Citations issued were 6,479 and warnings issued were 7,057 for a total of 13, 536 traffic stops.