Jacksonville Police Dept in Jacksonville Texas

  • Police Department Address: 103 S. BONNER STREET
  • City: Jacksonville,
  • ZIP: 75766
  • County: CHEROKEE
  • Office Opened: 1931
  • Department Type: Municipal Police Department
  • GPS Coordinates:31.963392,-95.275184
  • Web Link: Jacksonville Police Dept Web Site

  • Jacksonville Police Dept The overall mission of the Jacksonville Police Department is to provide unbiased, ethical, and aggressive crime prevention and law enforcement services to all citizens of the City of Jacksonville. Citizens of our community have a right to expect to live and carry out their daily lives free from fear of crime. Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for every citizen in Jacksonville. Furthermore, our mission is to provide these services in a humane, courteous, and friendly manner. The only purpose a police department serves is to provide service and security to the community in which it resides.